Design – simple vs complex!

Rollable water container innovation – a boon for developing countries

Q-DrumOne of the simplest and yet most elegant designs tackles a job that millions of men and women spend innumerable hours in fetching water. Balancing heavy jerry cans on the head may lead to elegant posture, but it is backbreaking work and sometimes causes crippling injuries. The Q-Drum, a ring-like circular jerry can, holds 20 gallons, and it rolls smoothly enough for a child to tow it on a rope!

A Trifilm Story: The Q-Drum

QdrumThe “Q Drum” is a durable, donut-shaped plastic container which when full holds 50 litres of water. Its uniqueness lies in the design of the longitudinal shaft or central hole, through which a rope is tied, to pull or roll the drum along all terrain types.

Another version of such innovative rolling container is the easily pushable Hippo Water Roller, which is also equally famous. Here is a video of the Hippo Roller project:

The Hippo Water Roller Project

complex-design Compare this to a (needlessly) complex design of a Japanese toilet with 17 buttons! Will you do the potty thing, or try to figure out which button does what!!

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