Not so fast, dear!

I am really thrilled (not so hurriedly, though ;)) to find the existance of a good many folks on earth who share my strong views on abhorrence of haste, “cult of speed” and rat race in life. It is really heartening to read the sane advocacy of “slowness” by Carl Honore in his book, In Praise of Slowness : How A Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed. Honore finds “a situation where the digital communications that were supposed to make working lives run more smoothly are actually preventing people from getting critical tasks accomplished.”

And he rambles on:

“The typical office worker is interrupted every three minutes by a phone call, e-mail, instant message or other distraction. The problem is that it takes about eight uninterrupted minutes for our brains to get into a really creative state.”

“Why are we always in such a rush? what is the cure for time-sickness? ”

“Realising the price we pay for unrelenting speed, people all over the world are reclaiming their time and slowing down the pace – and living happier, more productive, and healthier lives as a result. A “Slow Revolution” is taking place.”

“Technology has kind of turned the tables on us. We move to its speed and its rhythm.”

Nowadays people are ultraconnected with the internet.

“If you don’t have that sort of free time to dream and muse and mull, then you are not being creative, by definition,” said Dan Russell, a senior manager at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, Calif., who adds:

The problem is that there are only certain types of tasks that humans are good at doing simultaneously. Cooking and talking on the phone go together fine, as does walking and chewing gum (for most people). But try and do three math problems at once, and you are sure to have a problem.

The paradox of modern life is that multitasking is, in most cases, counterproductive.

Let the “need for speed” be confined the microprocessor, not to the man with a “right brain”. Let him act in his own languid style, at a gentle meandering pace.

Recapture your life’s time and relearn to dream!

3 thoughts on “Not so fast, dear!

  1. Gangadhar Ambati

    Good to see youon my blog,dear SK…Great comments…I like them..
    And you are right..Work can be disrupted due to emails and telephone calls..I studied somewhere about his…beautiful analysis given over there..And i’ll try to find out the link and send it to you..

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