Enough of bourgeoisie life – Gimme back my childhood!

“The smell of wet earth.
Clouds chasing each other.
The flash of a diving kingfisher.
A drink from a burbling brook.
A fruit from a branch above.
A mouthful of mountain mist.
Trees to climb.
Tigers to fear.
And whales to wonder at.
Oh, to be a child and inherit all this!”

Oh, God!
Hand me a Time Machine;
Lemme rewind my life back to the bliss of childhood.
And try and catch up with all that I missed
In my foolish haste to grow up!

2 thoughts on “Enough of bourgeoisie life – Gimme back my childhood!

  1. Alex

    Me too! Me too!… and absolutely anybody would love to ask that. Sad to see this S.K, we all live and experience the worst of the earth’s living, that we only want the better days (our childhood) to be back.

    And if only, you happened to have a “Time Machine” please share it across (hehe)

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