Certain private engineering colleges on the outskirts of Chennai, India (which are they?) have enforced draconian rules barring any interaction between students of the opposite sex. There are also strict dress codes and rules on movement. Samples of such stifling and ridiculous rules that have virtually made the hostels akin to concentration camps:

  • Hostel students are allegedly allowed to come out of the campus only once in two months.
  • Suitcases of students are regularly checked for cell phones, which are also banned on campus.
  • The dress code allows no jeans, tight trousers, sneakers or sandals. The boys have to wear only leather shoes and long hair is not permitted. The girls have to wear only churidhars with dupattas pinnned at the center.

How can the natural chemistry of biological forces be fettered by such primitive fiats!
Wonder why not they name the place Guantanamo Bay No.2!

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