English of the orient

And here are some catcalls:

“You are in grave danger if you do”

“You there! You can’t die there. Didn’t you read the sign? Go die somewhere else!”

“Violators will be resuscitated.”

“What? No dying here?!? You won’t let me die here? What do you want me to do? Live? Fine then! I’ll live, but I’m holding you responsible! This is all your fault!”

And the wisecracks:

“And if you’re dead, please get to a hospital…”

“If the police are stolen, call you at once.”

“Yes, and I will put a reward out for myself”

“Excuse me, Mr. officer. I seem to be stolen, my I ask how that happened. I have no idea. I was sitting here quietly and someone picked me up and ran off”

“If missing, stay where you are.”

“I was stolen. I need to be found help me!”

“i’m holding myself for ransom.”


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