“I feel ashamed to be an Indian”

… Laments a harassed husband, ostensibly a NRI.

India being my mother nation it is with heavy heart I’m saying that I wish to change my citizenship to a country where men are not considered to be criminals and rapists by birth! I feel ashamed to be the citizen of a country where its administration and judiciary do not respect the
Constitution by denying men the right to equality and livelihood. I feel ashamed to say that i’m an Indian, when my own minister comes and humiliates me in public for no reason at all with 20000% exaggerated figures of crimes!!! Is marriage a crime in India? Is divorce a crime in India? If there are 20000 pending cases it shows the inefficiency of the administration. Does the minister want all those 20000 accused to
live in the court until the case is finished? Will the court or government pay for their livelihood?

I happen to see the proposal made by NCW (National Commission for Wives?), wherein Indian women are portrayed to be continually subjected to extrema form of cruelty by their NRI husbands. If they think women’s life is in great danger with NRIs why cant they ask for making marriages with NRI illegal? instead of pushing *innocent* women
into danger!!! Why are they more interested in husbands’ hard earned money, properties and even rights in husbands’ parental property? Don’t you think these are against the Constitutional rights?

When I got married I was in fool’s heaven to think that I got the girl of my choice. But later I realized my bitter-half mis-represented herself with the fabricated profile and when I seek divorce they gave me and my parents the title of CRIMINALS!!! by filing IPC Sec 498a and asking Rs.32 lakhs for mutual consent divorce and withdrawing the cases!!!.. Where I’ve NOT demanded a SINGLE PENNY for marriage and where there is no question about dowry at all!!! Mera Bharath Mahaan! It is only with
God’s grace my age old parents having high BP are still alive.

  • [1]Where else in the world can we see someone is first titled “Criminal”, put in jail and then ask him to prove his innocence!!!
  • Where else in the world can we see a divorce case lasting 5 to 15 years or more!!!
  • Where else in the world can we see family issues put in Criminal category!!!
  • Where else in the world can we see Father paying maintenance to the kids and wife but no rights to child custody!!!
  • [1]Where else in the world can we see even senior citizens are dragged into the police station and courts without any investigation!!!
  • [2]Where else in the world can we see only wives are *empowered* but mothers, sisters and sons are completely ignored!!!
  • Where else in the world can we see 1,07,935 married men doing suicide in just 2 years!!!
    Where else in the world can we see a Govt who listen only to Godhra kinda appeals!!!
  • Where else in the world can we see wives blackmailing husbands LEGALLY!!!
  • Where else in the world can we see wives kidnapping kids LEGALLY!!!

I know my voice will not be heard by anyone and I don’t even expect any reply, but I hereby express my deepest sorrow and utter shame for being an Indian.

  • When can I see Gender-biased laws [1][2] trashed?
  • When can I see Gender neutral laws established?
  • When can I get my basic rights?
  • When can I live in peace?

~ A member of the Save Family Foundation, an NGO.

[1] – As per Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code
[2] – As per Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act

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3 thoughts on ““I feel ashamed to be an Indian”

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  2. amitkumarnain

    even i am ashamed to be an indian .All this crass that is eating the dutiful citizens of this country.Politicians, Police , Judiciary , Healthcare etc you name are nothing but laggard departments run by cockroaches .

    And only in India law is used lawfully to harass the innocent .


  3. Shoraj Thakur

    If some day I have to end it all like the scientist who ended it up, why not put my thoughts to it. I too am a sufferer from the insensitivity of my wife who brazenly quotes 498A and DVA to tell me my place and rights in my marriage and reduces me to just a mere outsider in my son’s life. I have written many words but want to share my helplessness through one of my recent piece…I never sent it to my wife because I know it doesnot matter any more.

    Even then,

    Each succeeding one is qualifying as the worst since first one. So, I deduce, they are getting ‘ worser and worser,’ yes? We are suffering through each one with a hope that one day Happy Days will be here. I always thought at least if not on top, my place was somewhere in the list; but whatever doubts I had, are cleared. Now I know that I do not feature anywhere in your priorities. This feeling is worst than any chasm that separated us.

    At this time, I do not even know if I am getting scarred for life or if these hurts will heal over some time. Yes, luck never gives, it only lends; and for me the price was too high. My marriage took too much back than it ever offered me. My son’s birth brought along people who wanted to snatch him away from me and my wife preferred them. Do not you think that a boy who has not seen too many bright things in life would have wanted to enjoy things with his wife? Do not you think he also had some emotions for his son, his wife his family. If he has seen problems surrounding his family 99 hours out of every 100 hour of life, do not you think he would have wanted that his wife would be with him to bring 99 down to 95. But I found you nowhere. You never try to come out of your cobwebs and understand. All rotates around “if you do this then I will do this”. Your definition of a marriage is too mathematical. You have always been protecting “I, me, myself”, So much that “We, Us and Ours” got no space, no mention, and no chance. No complaints. I the cursed one deserved it all.

    I had always believed that once I have a family, my family will fill up for all the nice things we had missed growing up. But you came and destroyed even that faint hope. Now I can only blame myself if my wife does not behave well or my son cannot meet my parents. I had hopes but now I know; nothing ever will improve. We are and we will be destined to live and die in misery. We, the cursed lot: me, my papa, my mummy and my sister. Today, your headlines, touting the usual convention song Happy Days are Here Again, only mean to me that it’s business as usual in your mother’s home and in the two of your sister’s houses which got us in this mess in the first place.

    I feel hollowness of every word you uttered at marriage ceremony. As I come to terms with the vacancy of every emotion you professed you had, slowly, as I understand that my son may after all not be with me and that plots to take him away are going to succeed, I am more and more convinced on futility of my life. You know it and so do I. Happy Days indeed!

    Today you threaten me with 498A or DVI or you actually carry out those threats; the event in itself would be uneventful. You have already reduced me to a third person in my son’s life where I am able to meet him for only 3 hours in a month. You have already killed me. And Indian constitution is not that fair to men who love their children.

    But God may after all be there!!!

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