The royal harems!

Pray tell me how any eathly human being could do justice to all the women they collect and lodge in their harem!

Read this:

In the palace of the Jat ruler at Deeg, there is a courtyard overlooked by a dozen or so marble pavilions. Once it housed the zanana women of the ruler.

In the Turkish capital, Istanbul, there is a palace which had 500 rooms set aside for the Royal harem. Our own Mughal emperor, Akbar is said to have had more than a thousand women in his harem. It is not easy to come to terms with the idea that any one man could even remember the names and faces of so many women, and separate the wives from the concubines.

The Chinese seem to have organised it a little better. In the 7th century, the Tang emperor had in his palace “one empress, four imperial concubines, nine consorts, nine graces, four beauties, five selects, in addition to 27 each of three lower classes of women.”

Thanks, The Tribune

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