Will Microsoft go the GM way!

There is an interesting article in InfoWorld entitled “Is Microsoft the next GM?” prophesying on the future of the big bad wolf Microsoft, whom everyone loves to have even sans the bad boy Bill!

Here is a pithy comment to the article:

By Gray_Hair

… I get such a kick out of youngsters confidently proclaiming that MSFT produces “good software”. Good software is the one thing MSFT has proven repeatedly they do NOT want to produce.

Good software does not lock your data away in obtuse formats to prevent you from using other software on it. Good software behaves the same way every time you use it. Good software allows you to use the computer you bought to do productive things with the data in your life, without enabling criminals and greedy scum from every corner of the globe to steal your computer cycles and data from beneath your very fingers. MSFT has yet to realize that Good Software can be very profitable. If you honestly believe MSFT S/W to be good, you have my sympathy, you have never used good software

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