Be really afraid of Microsoft!

Windows RGHere are some “snafus” and intentional monkeying by the ultimate boogeyman of computer world, Microsoft of Windows, as reported by Robert X. Cringely in his latest column:

  • Windows Update automatically installed Windows Desktop Search 3.01 on systems that had been configured not to run the resource-hogging application. Microsoft’s response? “Oops, sorry.”
  • The forced update has caused many users’ systems to suffer an involuntary reboot earlier this month. The culprit? Windows Live OneCare, which automatically changes your Update options to be automatic even if you had disabled it.
  • The vulnerability that allows a malicious PDF file to turn your PC into a zombie is yet to be fixed, even after three months. a patch is still coming!

And do you really wanna play around with next (Scoop! Don’t you reveal this to anyone!) Windows Really Good Edition?

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Here is how BOB concludes the story:

The ugly truth is that Microsoft is using security fears to force its enslaved base (that would be you and me) into installing stuff it wants us to have. Somebody needs to put a stake through its heart, before it kills again.

The moral of the story is:

UbuntuGo Ubuntu, oh, Ubuntu!!

“Smart, Secure and Easy!”

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