Childrens’ Day and Jawaharlal Nehru – is it appropriate?

Nehru disowning Hinduism!

Read more on the real side of the much-adulated icon and a false hero of India in the web site of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

For some strange reason, the web site of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has removed this web page on Nehru. It was a spicy page with lots of interesting (!) stories on Nehru, his doings and family genealogy!

Here is an excerpt from the archived page:

Indira Gandhi? No… ‘Maimuna Begum’!

Indira Gandhi’s real name was ‘Maimuna Begum’. She lived like a Muslim all her life. The Sultan of Saudi Arabia had invited her to Mecca. It is noteworthy that only Muslims are allowed to visit Mecca. She once told Shri. M.O. Mathai, the personal secretary of Nehru, her father, ‘I hate Hindus. I will never marry a Hindu.’ – (Ref.:

Not ‘Indira Feroze Gandhi’, ‘Indira Feroze Khan’ !

Feroze Gandhi is considered a Parsi because his mother was a Parsi before her marriage to his Muslim father Nawab Khan; but since she converted to Islam before her marriage, their son Feroze Khan is a Muslim and not a Parsi by birth. This was the reason why Kamala Nehru opposed Indira’s marriage to him.

Despite a Muslim wedding (nikah) with Feroze in a London Masjid, a fake picture of their marriage in Vedic style was published to fool the Indians !

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  2. divaysmit

    no,it is not appropriate nehru is not a good person if want the truth search on youtube truth about nehru

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