Indian farmer needs to be free and self-reliant

Here is a real success story of Balaji Shankar, a software engineer turned organic farmer who left his cozy city life for the sake of experimenting with natural (organic) farming in a remote village.

His Odyssey towards nature is documented in the web site of his “Nitya Farm“. Nitya in Sanskrit means “forever” denoting sustainability.

His is a family of 5 trying to return to nature. His web site contains details of his experiences, motives, opinions and ideas so that it may be of use to others wanting to return to Nature.

His lands are in Melanallur village, Mayavaram, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India. He can be reached on e-mail : contact at earth dot org dot in.

I am sure that such endeavors will help infuse confidence in the minds of the languishing farmers. Such a movement would go a long way in reversing the hapless state of farmers resulting in a farmer suicide every 30 minutes in India.

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