Travails of a Manager

As nearly everyone knows, a Manager has particularly nothing to do except:

  • To decide what is to be done
  • To tell somebody to do it
  • To listen to reasons
    • Why it need not be done (or)
    • Why it is not his job (or)
    • Why it should be done in a different way, etc.
  • To decide as to who should do it (the most ticklish part of the business)
  • To follow up to see if the thing has been done
  • To discover it has not been done
  • To enquire why
  • To listen to excuses
  • To entrust it to someone else
  • To discover that it has been done incorrectly
  • To point out how it should have been done
  • To find it to be of no avail
  • To conclude that as long as it has been done,
  • it may as well as be left alone.
  • To wonder if it is not the right time to get rid of the people who cannot do a thing right.
  • To reflect that each probably has a family and that, any successor would certainly be just as bad or may be worse!
  • To consider how much simpler and better
    the thing would have been done
    if one had done it oneself
    in the first place!
  • To reflect sadly
    That you could have done it right
    in twenty minutes
    what has taken
    a couple of weeks
    for somebody else
    to do it wrong !

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