Aromatic Poetry!

It is a story of yore that happened long time ago. Want to know when? Well, those were times when windows were merely a part of the anatomy of a building and pulp-buffs were on the threshold of migrating from Erle Stanley Gardner to James Headly Chase.

There was a magazine in India that bore the name on its masthead as “The Illustrated Weekly of India” (Make the Illustrated a Weekly habit!). It was the darling of English-knowing Indian public. It had many illustrious editors viz. A.S.Raman (Chiaroscuro, anyone?) and the indomitable Kushwant Singh. It contained many sections that kindled the interest of youth of the time. One of them was “Poetry of the month” which was a medley of selected contribution from readers.

One such poem in that collection ran like this:-

Pissing Boy by Usha Rani

Here is a pissing boy
Pissing nonchalantly
Like an arc of waste

This was my repartee:-

This time it is a pissing boy
Next must be an easing girl
Call it a “Thread of waste”, Usha Rani
And dump it on the damned Weekly

And you know what?
The “Weekly” published mine too!
And another one was a little more pissed off!
He mused like this:

Sex-starved girls
Derive satisfaction
By viewing
Male urination

So much for Poetry!

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