Yes, you can live forever!

Call it a cure-all, panacea or nostrum!

But Alexander Chiu, the San Francisco, Calif.- based entrepreneur has a magic cure for all known diseases and even to defy death! How? Simple. Wear his magnetic rings ($29) and toe braces ($110) which he sells through the web. Presto! You have won over the nature’s vagaries and achieved longevity!

According to testimonials, the “Eternal Life Device” cures acid reflux, plantar’s warts, brain tumors, constipation, impotence, baldness and heart disease. And his gadget will also make you beautiful! Oh, I have already mentioned that it also offers everlasting life.

This 34-year-old Chinese offers Kaya Kalpa, the legendary Amrit that gives eternal life, or the “Fountain of youth” that folks are still exloring in Shangri-la!

“The only place where I can sell physical immortality is on the Internet,” explains Alex Chiu, of Perhaps that’s the only place where he’ll find enough suckers!And he is very modest to post his picture alongside the likes of Edison and Einstein!

Aside from promising to reverse the effects of aging, Chiu’s Web site also offers instructions on how to build a U.F.O and a teleportation machine. He also has the solution to a unified world, Neo Darvinism and his own version of God.

A veritable versatile genius!!

It is time we term “WWW” a “Weird Wide Web”!

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