Carnatic Music web site

I stumbled upon a wonderful web site with truckloads of Carnatic music streaming at lightning speed!

It has other types of music genre too aplenty.

A must-visit site for music lovers.

Here it is:


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12 thoughts on “Carnatic Music web site

  1. Narayanan

    Thank you..Thank you …Thank you.!!!

    I’ve been waiting for a site like this.!!

    Do you know of any site that covers the Music Season in Madras??? Please let me know.

    Thank you SK.

  2. Kartik Kannan

    Hi S.K

    Kartik Here. You were saying that you wanted to contribute articles to sulekha . We are planning on having a seperate section on karnatic music.It would be great if you could contribute your knowledge on carnatic music on sulekha. You can post them directly on a blog or send them to me ..after receiving, I would put it on the featured articles in carnatic music .

    waiting to hear from you.

  3. Sai


    Does anyone know where we can download carnatic music for MP3 players.



  4. T.K.Jagannathan

    I am happy i discovered a nice site it is more of a forum.
    To all music lovers.
    iMy unique book of transalation of 54 Purandara dasa songs from kannada to tamil is available.
    The ragas and talas are maintained same as sung in kannada
    Try this Madyamavathi– -Aadi
    “Bhagyaada Laxmi baaramma
    Nammamma sri bagyaada laxmi baramma’
    “Bagyattin thirumagale nee varavendum
    Ennannai nee bagyathin thirumagale nee varavendum”
    Manescript for the next108 songs are ready awaiting a sponsor or publisher.
    For copies contact me

  5. kannan

    Hats off. I am a real music buff always on the lookout for real good music and I stumbled upon this site and it has become my most favourite site. I really appreciate the effort that has gone in and would like to be of help in whichever way possible.

  6. krishna s

    Really a great effort. I truly appreciate your contribution for the music loving folks. truly enjoyed all the posts and commends. wee need more discussions like this on music

  7. Ramesh

    Here is a site which have best collection of carnatic music and also it have good collection on Mangala tharangini music and Have Best of the Best Mathur Krishamurthi and Hosahalli Keshavamurthy’s collection of Kumaravyasa Bharatha

    URL is

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