Enthralling Music of GNB

Here is a small snippet from the vast collection of scintillating Carnatic Music of the Great G.N.Balasubramaniyam, who made a revolution is raga rendering with his inimitable lightning “brighas”!

The piece is a composition by Papanasam Sivan in the raga “Kapi”.


Radha Mukha kamala-Kapi-Aadi - Papanasanan Sivan by GN Balasubramaniam

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13 thoughts on “Enthralling Music of GNB

  1. Basumani


    Again I tried. I could get thru’ and listen. Thanks. Nice song. Expect more from you.



  2. ramamrutham

    Good work SK

    This is a song by Papanasam Sivan, (Tamizh Tyagayya as he was called)

  3. Venkat

    Hello SK,
    Very nice rendering.Good recording.Please host more songs of GNB if the recording is as good as this piece.

  4. S.K

    Thanks, Ramamrutham, Venkat and Chittoor Ramachandran.

    I’m trying to make a subdomain dedicated to GNB.



  5. Ajit Ranganathan

    Thanks for the good quality recording of the
    great Sri GNB and you have chosen one of the songs which he made famous to start with. Good work.


  6. Rathinam

    Hello SK, Excellent! Would be great if you can supply more to our ever hunger ears. thanks.

    Regards, N K

  7. Lavanya

    Hi, The recording is clear and good. Expecting the release of the exclusive sub-domain dedicated to GNB.


  8. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Ajit Ranganathan, Suresh K, , Rathinam, & lavanya!

    The GNB portal is coming up soon.

    Meanwhile a GNB site has been put up by me as part of Sangeethapriya.org:

    http://www.sangeethapriya.org/~gnb/ ( There are some css problems which I am fixing. Please bear with me!)



  9. Sankaran


    Your efforts in putting up this song are as great, as this song itself.

    Waiting hear some more

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