Comic relief!

Amongst the scores of serious-sounding business sites, here is a web site which describes the company, men and products in a rummy, uncanny way!

Look at how they qualify their services:-

Our services are unbelievably expensive. Like, really really expensive. You almost certainly can’t afford us. With that in mind, if you are grotesquely wealthy, we would love to hear from you.

And their web hosting plans:-

System/79 Hosting is too expensive for you. Come back when you have more money.

And here is how they hire:-

Add career!

System/79 is currently seeking a full-time Typography Assistant (Position #1064).

We offer:

* Delicious food and beverage, made lovingly by Toby
* Excellent medical/dental/vision benefits
* Video games!

Skills required for this position:

* Intimiate knowledge of the alphabe

And sneak a look at their cafeteria:-

Cleanliness award

Very funny indeed!

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