What type is your wife?

What type is your wife?

1. Kid-wife: The wife who is still the kids of her parents. She will talk to her mother at least once every two hours. Whether the husband knows it or not, even the dinner menu is decided by the mother who might be sitting 1000 miles away from them.

2. Traditional wife: The one who grew up in an environment where her father used to beat her mother, where her brother had all the facilities and she was deprived. And now who wants to take revenge from you because her family had been unfair to her.

3. Romantic wife: The wife whose romance is sustained only till the time you buy expensive gifts for her. She expects to fly business class even if that means that you have to take a personal loan from your employer to pay the EMI of the house that you bought in her name.

4. Modern wife: The one who has dozens of boys as friends. She is never there when you come back from work (She does not have to work because you are there to work like a donkey to support her).

5. Liberal wife: The liberated soul who has realized that husband is a free ATM machine. She does not have any obligations in marriage, only the rights. And she knows very well how to threaten you to send money to sponsor her sibling’s education.

2 thoughts on “What type is your wife?

  1. Gokul

    Liberal wife or Material Girl!, or is she a Feminazi, is she a Legal Terrorist, or a Family Terrorist?

  2. S.K

    I wonder why lads still want to marry Indian girls!

    If an Indian man marries a woman who is an Indian citizen, he is sure to get stung by the anti-men laws of India.

    They had better marry in West Indies, Latin America or Africa and be happy ever after!


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