Asterix No.33

Asterix, the GaulThe indomitable Gauls never fail to tickle even the most sombre and melancholy moron of the species. They have fans across all age groups. I know of so many who had been raised on Asterix comics along with cereals and carrots.

Uderzo (78), the illustrator has carried on the mantle even after the passing away of the author of the series, Rene Goscinny, a fellow Belgian, in 1977. I was amazed to know that Uderzo is colour-blind!

The 32 Asterix titles have together sold more than 300 million copies and it is a record of sorts.

Now the 33rd adventure (“Asterix and the falling sky”) is being launched and is soon to hit the stands.

But one needs a bit of a grey matter in the upper echelons of the anatomy to read and enjoy the nuances of the wit in every teensy aspect of the Asterix comics. Every bit – including the naming of characters has a tinge of intelligent and subtle humour packed in.

Well, let us brace ourselves for a fresh bout of laugh riot from the duo – the dimunitive warrior and the “not-fat-but-just-well-covered” simpleton (not to speak of the environmenatlist doglet!).

6 thoughts on “Asterix No.33

  1. Narayanan

    I’ve never gone beyond Phantom.!! comics. The trivia about Asterix creators is interesting. I didn’t know about it.!

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Narayanan.
    Please try your hand with Asterix. It is a sort of an acquired taste! You’ll get sucked into it and it is a very pleasant addiction!!

  3. Charu

    Uderzo was color-blind? I had no idea! what an amazing person he was. and you know, with asterix, I enjoy the books more as an adult than I did as a kid – when I was young, it was just another comic – but now when I read – and each time I reread I see more and more genius in each line and each character. the word puns – brilliant 🙂

  4. S.K Post author


    You can view more info on Uderzo’s clour blindness from here

    Yes, never a dull moment in the company of the brains of Obelix and the size of Asterix!!

  5. Shakthiprabha


    Asterix, wow used to be tied down with it during my teens. Though I would say, my fav was NONE other than ARCHIE ANDREWS, Asterix was not faraway.

    I used to ogle at folks who would read phantom comics though :)). It was beyond me to enjoy phantom comics

    Asterix always reminds me of the BARD. Dont u think bard EDUCATES us, practically living and reminding ur thread on….HOW TO BE PROUD OF BEING ONESELF? 🙂

    So does Uderzo. Lessons learnt from a comic and from its author.

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