WordPress exploited

What is happening around us? Has the world grown totally evil? On one hand a few good Samaritans burn their midnight oil and write tons of code justforkix, another set of guys that are up to no good try to trick the product of others’ free labour to cheat the whole community.

Yes. I am talking about these sites: (I don’t want to give links to those splogs and drive traffic their side.)

  • Introducing Auto Blogging a WordPress Article Miner

    Click a button and…
    Auto Blogging Starts Mining for Articles…
    Putting Your Blog on auto pilot!!

  • Top 10 WordPress Tricks

    Niche sites are the latest rage – set up a small site about a very narrow topic, and grab a piece of the search engine traffic. Then turn that traffic into buyers – and Profits For You!

    WordPress is a high quality (yet low cost – it’s FREE) program to manage blogs. But it’s a great fit for creating niche websites too

    Just One Problem…

    As great as WordPress is for setting up niche sites, it isn’t perfect. It needs a little ‘help’ to make it more search engine friendly, – and to make sure your content gets the search engine positioning it deserves.

    So I wrote this short 32 page report – ‘Top 10 Tricks to Conquer Your Niche With WordPress!’ It tells you the Top Ten ‘Tricks’ (actually many more) to make WordPress display your pages in their best light.

Dunno how many more such wicked sites are existing to lure the gullible.

Not much of morality left, if you ask me. 😥

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