Don’t sweat the small stuff – a review

Yes, don’t fret over a trifle and make your life a miserable one! A sane advice indeed!

Dont sweat the small stuff..Here is an excerpt from an absorbing book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – and it’s all small stuff by Richard Carlson, Ph.d.

Often we allow ourselves to get all worked up about things that, upon closer examination, aren’t really that big a deal. We focus on little problems and concerns and blow them way out of proportion. a stranger, for example, might cut in front of us in traffic. Rather than let it go, and go on with our day, we convince ourselves that we are justified in our anger. We play out an imaginary confrontation in our mind. many of us might even tell someone else about the incident later on arther than let it go.

Why not simply allow the driver to have his accident somewhere else? Try to have compassion for the person and remember how painful it is to be in such an enormous hurry. This way, we can maintain our sense of well-being and avoid taking other people’s problems personally.

There are many similar “small stuff” examples that occur every day in our lives. Whether we had to wait in line, listen to unfair criticism, or do the lion’s share of work, it pays enormous dividends if we learn not to worry about little things. So many people spend so much of their life energy “sweating the small stuff” that they completely lose touch with the magic and beauty of life. When you commit to working to ward this goal you will find that you will have far more energy to be kinder and gentler.

Here are some of the nuggets of wisdom found in the book:-

  • Make peace with imperfection
  • Don’t interrupt others or finish their sentences
  • Learn to live in the present moment
  • We allow past problems and future concerns to dominate our present moments
  • The aim for perfection and desire for inner tranquility conflict with each other
  • If someone throws you a ball, you don’t have to catch it
  • Choose your battles wisely
  • Trust your intuitive inner voice

But one trend of his advice to lead one’s life is something I am unable to fully agree with since it is not consonance with the real world and the way people’s mind works. He advocates universal love like a preacher! Many of his axioms are fit only for an Utopia! He champions a sense of altruism, which will practically make you a perpetual sucker in this man-eating-man world!

Look at this piece of advice in his book:-

If in doubt about whose turn it is take out the trash, go ahead and take it out.

Well, if you follow this wise counsel, you will end up carting trash throughout your life and other folks may even palm of their further fatigues on you!

As I was writing a review of this book, I just came to know he is no longer with us. With a poignant note, I stopped the critical review and wanted to remember the man as one who loved humanity and wanted to make everyone’s life a better one.

The Memorial message on his web site ends with this solemn observation:-

Richard Carlson left his own trail as he walked the earth and lived a life devoted to peace, love, and the betterment of humanity.

Let me end this with the cardinal message from Mr. Carlson:-

“Treasure yourself and the Gift of Life!”

4 thoughts on “Don’t sweat the small stuff – a review

  1. Jennifer

    I admire your distaste for not wanting to be critical of someone who has died, but you would be critical of his book not the man himself. I have read the Don’t Sweat book as well and got a lot, but I agree with the utopian idea you expressed. As a mother with two sons who are 20 and 15, if I did chores everytime I was unsure whose time it was to do something, I would be the only one doing chores!!

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Jennifer.

    You are right. In this materialistic world, you become a sucker if you choose to remain altruistic.

    One can’t afford to be overly empathetic, sympathetic, kind and considerate. He will eternally be taken for a jolly good ride.

    Every virtue has its time, place, target and metrics.

    I have learnt it the hard way.


  3. obuli

    the article is good sir…. u r rite we all may forget these type of small stuff…

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