A quick one

What she wanted was a man.
What she got was a boy.
What he wanted was a girl.
what he got was a woman.
He was 25 and she was 20.
But it is the mind, stupid.

They carried on with their conjugal life.
Rolled on, rolled out and then snored.
Sired litter and reared them up
And stated living for them.
But had they lived their life really?
They merely existed.
But why persist with this incompatibility?
Ask this to every cohabiting married couple.
Farce, really!

5 thoughts on “A quick one

  1. venkitu

    But why persist with this incompatibility?

    Very good question – But IMHO I think nobody will be 100% compatible.! So…have to persist.!

  2. S.K Post author


    Anubhavam thaan, but not (only :wink:) mine!

    Come to think of it, our whole life is one heck of a compromise, na?

    Think how much we have compromised with ourselves!

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