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Blogging has travelled a long road on Cyberia, from a humble beginning as a string of useful and interesting links that one stumbles upon in his internet safari to become a disruptive technology altogether! It took the avatar of a personal journal with net-savvy geeks chronicling their escapades with computers and programming tools. Then came the opening up era when any hairy Harry can tap on the keyboard and do “push-button” publishing of his/her journals with gay (sic) abandon, thanks to Blogger and similar free (as in free lunch) blog hosting services. This opened the blogging floodgates with foks recording thir personal milestones ranging from the constipated squatty-potty sessions to their stodgy, messy dates. Some even dwell at length on such platitudes as the insipid upma they ate for breakfast. They also post such earth-shattering events as the slipping down of their mobile instrument into the toilet commode.

But things started maturing. Niche blogging came into existance as a natural evloution of the blogging phenomenon. They became instantly popular with info-hungry net-zappers savouring whatever these pundits had to offer.

Corporate blogging became the next in thing with many companies taking notice of blogs as yet another media waiting to be leveraged for effective communication with customers and other stakeholders. Amazon Centre in India is a case in point. But this should not be confused with the unofficial demi-blogs of nerdy smarty-pants with itchy fingertips firing away nanchalantly on matters relating to their paycheck and joy (or, lack of it) at work. But their honchos started frowning at this new-found keyboard freedom of their reckless employees. Google, the internet Behemoth had to educate a recalcitrant blogger (who tried to shoot his bloggy mouth over the internal working conditions), on the topography of the exit gates! This education perhaps taught a simple arithmetic to the ex-Googler that 99 zeroes cannot be greater than 100 zeroes! There has been quite a few of such matyrs who had their pinky slips with their tryst with blogosphere. But in the process they acquired the practical wisdom of moderation and discretion.

Then came political blogging. Journalism cannot be far behind. They were in limelight during Afgan and Iraq campaign and the aftermath. But the presidential election at US brought a new twist to blogging. It is being debated as to which category the blogs belong to in the election scenerio. Poliitical bloggers have started pleading for exemption from election laws.

But the blogging juggernaut will move on to embrace more dimensions. Let us scramble for a piece of the cake for ourselves!


For the sake of those uninitiated about the blog-o-rama, here is a Quick Time movie (12MB) from Blogumentary. Enjoy!

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  1. Burton Burland Jr.


    The national legislative body of the United States, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate.


    A word formed from the initials or other parts of several words, for example, “NATO,” from the initial letters of “North Atlantic Treaty Organization”


    Centrally Organized National Group Representing Exclusive Secret Societies

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