BPO babas and cubicle smooch

The Economic Times has reported a spicy, juicy story of sex in BPO office space. Natural urges, yes. You can’t make a set of humans to be un-humanlike when closeted together through long hours in a cubicle. This is one of the hazards of the outsourcing boom.

In addition to the upset rhythm of the biological clock – since the BPO humonoids are forced to do the graveyard shift due to time zone shift, the human chemistry creates intimacy and bonding relationships transcending natural barriers and inhibitions. The clichè “touchbase” becomes “base touch” after passing through the “fourth base”!

The ET story speaks of a video footage acquired from strategically placed cameras in a leading Mumbai-based BPO unit showing a couple having sex in an office cubicle. (sssh, where will it be available? Not, so loud!:))

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3 thoughts on “BPO babas and cubicle smooch

  1. guruprasad

    after the delhi episode and trisha episode, what a 😈 thought to catch hold of the video!!! Be careful you dont get caught by cyber crime police….

  2. S.K Post author

    Dear Gruprasad and Avik,

    Your advice is well-intentioned. Some urchin may grab the juicy video from the source and get caught by flaunting it all over the show. And if they make a Google for it, this post may also figure. Gawd, who wants to become a surrogate victim (without enjoying the benefit, I mean ;))

    So I am removing the mention about my evil thought! 😆

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