Corporal punishment for class topper too!

A week after her teacher bashed her with a bulky record notebook, 17-year-old Caroline T. Daffadil, still struggles hard to move the swollen neck and lift her face. She is unable to stand without support. Tears roll down her chubby cheeks as the Plus-Two student of a government school at Ponneri, near here, tries to pick up a book to prepare for next month’s public examination.
“No, I am not able to hold the book,” she sobs, her neck tilted right. The class topper is unsure of taking her examination.
You can read more about this sordid episode in this news item that appeared in The Hindu
I wish God make yet another avatar to save the children from the evil hands of the demented pedagogy!

One thought on “Corporal punishment for class topper too!

  1. S.K

    It is still worse!
    It was I who ill-treated my darling daughter when she was a kid 🙁
    I was a damn fool to be so hard and demanding on her.
    I also committed the crime of venting my rage on her and made her childhood a hell. (but still, she bears no rancour!)
    Let it not happen to any child in this world!

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