Guys should be Gay!

I stumbled upon an interesting observation by fellow-blogger Kevin that he had “come to the conclusion that if everyone was just a little bit more gay, the world would work a lot smoother”. He laments that guys are reckless and disorderly in their demeanour. They do not care to maintain personal hygiene, nor do they dress neatly (which is considered to be a gay-ish trait). And they smell like ass all day, don’t they! This kind of uncouth and unkempt behaviour of guys (as a sub-species!) has been very eloquently portrayed as the basic trait of guys of the world in the funny best seller Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys. Barry defines guys like this:-

My point is that guys are not merely shallow, childish, irresponsible, unreliable, slovenly, sports-crazed, sex-obsessed, crotch-scratching boors. They are all these things, but they are not merely these things. …….
So if you are a woman, and you find yourself getting irritated at the guy in your life because he has a few petty guy foibles such as a tendency to blow his nose on the curtains, remember that, if some kind of crisis were to arise, the very same so-called worthless guy is fully capable of sizing up the situation in a calm and coolheaded manner and then – without regard to his own personal safety – going out for a beer.

Kevin’s prescription is that the world will be a better place if there are more gays, because it will moderate the birth-rate and maintain eco-balance. But this view has invited a word of caution from one of his commenters that there is a danger in this procedure, that very soon the whole human race will be extinct – more particularly the number of gays – since gays (guys in general :wink:) do not possess an important child-bearing contraption called “uterus”! If suddenly the entire guy population stops “banging” the opposite sex, I shudder to think of the resultant catastrophe to the mankind and to The Darwin’s Theory. And what will Madonna do? OK, each one is entitled to a different point of view.

But in my honest opinion, the Information Technology and Web 2.0 ( in association with various standard-pronouncing honcho-associations) should jointly evolve an algorithm which would ensure full-fledged orgasm (not pseudo-) to all the human variants (Viz: man, woman, he-man, she-woman, amazon, she-male, he-female, hermaphrodite, TS/TV/TG et al) without transfer of any body fluids. That way HIV can be eradicated in one stroke. In another, custom-babies can be manufactured by cloning.

Real (sexual) Utopia indeed!

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