Technology trends

  1. ZDNet reports that antivirus software moves out of your computer to a network cloud.

    This next-generation antivirus system ‘virtualizes and parallelizes detection functionality with multiple antivirus engines, significantly increasing overall protection,’ according to the team leader. Even if the results look promising, it should be noted that this is just an academics project for the moment.

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  2. Do you need an operating system to load (forever sometimes…) for your minimum functionality of seeing your emails, look up your calender for schedules and write a few letters? No, as the “instant ON” and other technologies that Intel and Dell are putting on the PCs. OS is going to be one of the applications that will run on the hardware “as required”. So the days of OS being the fundamental veda of the computer are getting numbered!

    Read about the “end run around the OS” on ZDNet.

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