Time(less) contrast!

One of the places where you have to be constantly looking at the local time is the transit airport where you wait to catch a connecting flight. As you fly from one time zone to another, it is imperative that you are mindful of the local time so that you are present at the appropriate terminal in time to check in and board your flight.
New York JFK International airport is ideal in that respect since it sports a bright and bold Rolex wallclock (Rolex Oyster Chronometer Perpetual, to be precise)at every 6 feet interval!
In contrast, you crane your head all round but can’t find even one clock on the entire passengers’ lounge of Kuwait International Airport, except for a very small digital display clock at an insignificant location at the far end of the corridor.
I think the authorities concerned should spare some time to tell the time to the passengers so that they do not lose time and in the process miss their flight by not being there in time!

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