A Coffee story

If you can read Thamizh (Tamil), it is for you!

I have made a thorough research (obfuscated one!) on coffee and posted it on my blog in Tamil (Thamizh).

This is the URL.

Please visit and record your comments.

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6 thoughts on “A Coffee story

  1. K.Balaji

    S……………..ooper KICHU! About Coffee in Tamil I mean! Sorry for addressing like this. I felt so happy and elated to read the item and enthusiased so much that I expressed my happiness like this. Its realy SUPERB. Peak of it is To Start With is a song of Great GNB in Kapi. This song I have not heard (and I want to have this. How? Can you pl send?) The 60, 40 blend which you mentioned takes me to my childhood days, when I used to wait at coffee grinding shop for buying seeds and getting it grinded. Really that taste of that blend still remains in my tounge even now! Next, your referring Chikmagalur and CHINNA PENNOOR was nice. You seem to be humerous! Your long tips about how to prepare filter coffee, (about proper measure of powder, water etc.,, about closing the filtr properly, etc ) is very very educative. Its true! Above all, your mention about Lakshmi’s novel ARAKKU MAALIGAI…. wov…really nice. I had a nostalgic travel! What you have mentioned about bed coffee is hundred percent correct. To end with, I had a very good time vising your blog. and…..i hope you belong to Tanjore dist like me!

  2. S.K Post author

    Thank you very much Mr.Balaji for your kind words.

    Yes, you guess it right. I belong to Thanjavur district.

    Your appreciation spurs me to write a second version of the coffee story (probably in English?)! When? I can’t tell! Because procrastination is my middle name! 😆

  3. K.Balaji

    Thank you sir, it was my pleasure. Waiting to ‘drink’ coffee ‘in english’ !!

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