Twisted events

Every event and every story has many sides. Some are told, but much remain hidden. But the hidden part, or the twisted part does the most damage. Even if the real truth – truth always has several versions – gets unraveled, it will be too late. Human mind has so much inertia that it only tends to believe and act on what lodges there first. This susceptibility of humans is exploited ingeniously by clever manipulators with vested interests to embark on subtle social engineering. Spreading half truths and provocative suggestions cause lot of irreversible damage to the mankind.

I am alluding to the revelations by two bloggers that a few unpublished cartoons (purported to be fakes) were added to the notorious Danish cartoons with a view to whip up passions. You can read the posts of Gateway Pundit and Astute Blogger to dig more.

God save the motherland from the peddlers of hatred (of all hues).

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