Mauled men

There is always a woman behind every devastated man. The unassailable fact that for every single woman who commits suicide in India, there are two men who end their life due to domestic problems. But this fact as revealed by the Government’s own crime statistics (National Crime Records Bureau – NCRB) is blacked out by the media (read: feminists with vested interests) and the Government agencies. Why? Are men second class citizens? Will they end up as mere castrated bulls?

Think and think hard before it is too late!

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One thought on “Mauled men

  1. Pawan Sigh

    I must say in nut-shell, Man is the biggest enemy of Man, mean to say that IPC is declared by Indian Men, and Men gives the full power to Women to do anything with Man.

    First Every Man recognize where is the fault and repaire it with immediate effects. Wake-up Men Wake-up before Women kill all the rights of Men.

    Men are ever slave of Women and that is proved, so plz. release your emotions and through into water, Women are never deserve emotions now.

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