Alien telepathy

Captured alien!Paranoid of being abducted by aliens?
Here is help on hand!
You can try the Thought Screen Helmet from the Stop Alien Abductions web site, if you are sucker enough (for $35)!

Seems there is no end to such outlandish business propositions!

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7 thoughts on “Alien telepathy

  1. Kevin James Scullion

    As an multi-dimensional/alien experiment from the age six yrs, i believe that (as a society) the only way forward in a positive sense is that of full-on telepathic communication. It will help unearth the truly positive from the negative.
    K.J.S, 30 yrs.

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks, KJS.

    If only we all possess the secret of unfettered telepathic communication skills, why wi-fi and hi-fi!!

  3. Michael Menkin

    Please re-read the front page of

    I now have vidoes of aliens which I will distribute later this year. Videos of aliens will be shown in the UK by Redback Films and WAG-TV, in Ireland by the Irish UFO society and in the U.S. by KING-TV in Seattle.

    The photo of the alien is for real and so are the videos.

    The case histories on are authentic. I made all of the helmets for those people and sent the helmets to them for free. Each helmet takes me almost four hours to make.

    You may be interested in my other website,

    Michael Menkin

  4. S.K Post author

    Thanks a bundle, Mr.Michael Menkin.

    It is really nice of you to visit here and record your comments.

    I’ll visit your websites and try to learn more about your work.


  5. the doctor

    we are living in a world that is stranger than what we have been born into nothing is normal anymore.
    the occult is rife, meditation and mind control new age things such as crystals and mobile phones these are things you have got to worry about. these things are bringing about changes in society and nature. thought screens may screen you from this electromagnetic energy, it interferes with the mind as well as for aliens, we are the only aliens on this planet,it will not stop and fight against god.

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