Equality, Delhi style!

It is high time we admit that class difference will persist in human society and polity in some form or the other, whatever George Orwell had to say about it!

Read this news from Hindustan Times:

No VIP numbers for common man

Only ministers, SC & High Court judges and high-ranking officials to get fancy numbers An executive order has been passed to this effect which simply means that no privately- owned vehicle would be able to get numbers like 0001, 0002, etc., from now on. Declared a senior officer of the Transport Department of Delhi administration.

FOR ALL those Delhiites who like to flaunt their status, this piece of news might not go down well with you. From now on, the Delhi government has decided not to issue any fancy or VIP numbers to cars other than those belonging to high ranking officials, ministers and judges of the Supreme Court and the High Court.

But if you still desperately want one, the only solution is to get your vehicle registered outside Delhi.

“An executive order has been passed to this effect which simply means that no privately owned vehicle would be able to get numbers like 0001, 0002, 100, 786, etc.,” said a senior official of the Transport Department. Officials said the rule even applies to private vehicles of ministers, judges and senior officials.

The decision comes after months of indecisiveness on framing a policy to give fancy numbers. With this, Delhi becomes the only state in the country where only senior government officials would get fancy or VIP numbers for their cars. In most of the states, a VIP number is auctioned and the revenue generated goes in the coffers of the respective state government.

The Delhi Cabinet had stopped giving fancy numbers in August last year after it was found that land scam accused Ashok Malhotra had one and a half dozen cars with fancy numbers. Till then, the Transport Minister, at the recommendation of elected representatives or other important dignitaries, issued the numbers.

Sources in the government said the transport department toyed with the idea of putting numbers on auction and also prepared a Cabinet note which fixed the minimum price for each fancy number. The Cabinet did not clear it, as it feared offending the VIPs of Delhi who are continuously on the look for a status symbol.

“As no solution could be found, we decided to extend this facility only for government vehicles,” said the source.

Officials pointed out that the government was not ready for any fresh controversy which the fancy numbers usually generate.

“First it was a dealer who imported foreign cars and got VIP numbers which led to a major controversy in the year 2005. Then the Ashok Malhotra episode happened. From now, the entire mechanism wherein people of dubious background get these numbers is scrapped,” said a senior official.

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  1. gagan surmela

    why dont they framed a policy like America that u can register ur car under ur name it means that instead of no.s give name on the no plate so that they can keep it for ever even if they change their cars

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