Chayya chayya song in Hollywood movie Inside Man

Inside manInside Man” is one of the better movies of Denzel Washington, who is among my favourite actors with Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood sharing the list It is totally different kind of bank heist story with nothing happening in the end, ostensibly! No shooting, no bloodshed in spite of hostages.

But what is intriguing about this movie is the title song. They have simply plagiarized the “Chayya chayya” number of “Dil Se”, the Hindi (Bollywood) blockbuster of Shahrukh Khan. I couldn’t find any credit for the original song.

You can listen to the title song of Inside Man here:

Inside Man (Starting) - Chaiyya Chaiyya

And the original from “Dil Se” here:

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