Illusion galore

The squares “A” and “B” are of the same color!
My color picker swears both are #787878 (Hexa-RGB).
Amazing, but true!!

Squares of same color

Here is the proof (follow the vertical bars):-

Follow the vertical bars

Biarre optical illusion, right!

But nothing can beat the Koffka Ring!

13 thoughts on “Illusion galore

  1. S.K Post author

    Yes, Narayanan.
    The mind is indeed a tricky and weird contraption. More so in the presence of a nubile young thing 😉

  2. Jeff Watson

    That was so sweet. Of course, when I showed it to my 16 year old son, he was quite familiar with the concept already.



  3. Silpa

    Grr…not helpful….are you saying that the Letters A and B are the same colour? Or the squares on which A and B are etched are the same color?

  4. S.K Post author

    Sorry, Silpa!

    Perhaps I was not very clear.

    The squares denoted by the letters “A” and “B” are of the same colour.

    They look different because of the effect of the colour of adjacent squares and spaces on the human eye (and on that part of the brain which actually sees). This phenomenon is termed as “optical illusion”.

    Perhaps this aberration of the sensory organs is helpful for the higher level functions of overall perception and understanding.

    Good subject to dig deeper!

  5. Silpa

    Ok thanks for explaining, but besides noting that the actual letters “A” and “B” are same, I’m unable to see the optical illusion you explained. I’ve come across quite a few, but this is the first time I’m unable to see IT even after so many explanations!

  6. S.K Post author


    I think you are endowed with a rare clairvoyance. You can see through everything! 🙂

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