Of workaholics and the bliss of Lazyness!

It is no sin to be lazy. Take it from me, the ultimate expert on this esoteric art of slothful indolence!

And if you are pronounced lazy by the members of the commonplace society around you, tell them on their face that you are in grand company, as revealed by this blogger (who seems to be another expert in this field!):

Often the smartest people are the laziest ones. They are always looking for ways to get out of work, or do make something easier, and their creative ways of doing that have come up with some of the most ingenious, productive inventions: the computer, the microwave, the car, the Clapper, to name but a few.

And do not feel guilty about being at peace with yourself as a cozy little sloth. Here are some reassuring words:

You are feeling lazy right now, and reading blogs instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing. That’s OK. We all do that. We are all lazy, in different forms, at one time or another.

On the other hand folks who are at the other end of the spectrum, who are excessively addicted to the supreme sin of “work”, are virtually sick, believe me! They are termed as workaholics! They need immediate medical attention.

But, we the sloths of this planet have nothing to fear in terms of such personality disorders. Here is the perfectly documented (by me, the expert!) theory!

The 1st Law of Motion propounded by Sir Isaac Newton states this:

Every body perseveres in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed.

So the great Newton has averred that the state of being at rest is perfectly normal! Do you need any other authority to prove it. So quit worrying and spend more hours slothing either before the TV box or any other box or reading pulp fiction while snugly perched on the potty!

Here is how the Newton’s Law acts on me:

LazybonesThe butt perched on the cozy ergonomic swiveling chair and eyes riveted to the stupid computer screen is perhaps my state of normality. To be precise, doing nothing worthwhile, purely in mundane materialistic point of view! But even this state of apparent Nirvana is challenged by occasional pangs of hunger pricking the walls of the gastric system and the bladder-bowels export system calling for a visit to the John, stir me into a bit of locomotion! In this case these internal stimuli take the role of external impressed force referred by the good ol’ Newton!

Hate work. It is prescribed for lesser mortals! We lazybones are the blessed ones!

One thought on “Of workaholics and the bliss of Lazyness!

  1. S.K Post author


    Forgot to add.

    By remaining idle, you lead a stress-free life. What an enviable state of mind! Think about it – no stress-relieving medication, no Yoga or meditation, no lectures on stress management by conceited know-alls..!

    Nothing to beat this panacea of “stance-sans-work”!



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