Sharp and clear font on your screen

Do you use an LCD monitor and the text looks pixelated and hazy?

You have an in-built help in Windows called “ClearType” which makes the fonts on LCD monitors sharper and clearer. In fact they will become razor-sharp and clearer than ever before on notebooks. No harm in trying it on CRT monitors, but there is no proven word about the performance enhancement on that kind of monitors yet.

ClearType is a feature of XP, which is turned off by default (and the suckers say it is ON in Vista, the fiasco!).

Let us assume you are yet to be sucked in by the Vista bug. Here’s how you get to turn on the ClearType. Right-click on the open desktop, choose Properties -> Appearance -> Effects. Check “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts,” and select “ClearType” from the drop-down list. Click OK and OK. You are done.

I understand that in Linux, it is called “subpixel smoothing”. FOSS aficionados may bear this out.

ClearType can be further tweaked by any of the following tools:-

  1. Microsofts’ Wizard
  2. Powertoy proggy for ClearType
  3. A free nifty utility called ClearTweak

Make your font easy on your eyes and enjoy!

Source: PCWorld

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