Latest is not always the best!

Are you an “Upgrade freak”, itching to bung in the “latest” apps and brag about it to your buddies?

Bad VistaStop to think for a while. Consider the fate of those suckers who went ga-ga about Windows Vista and ended up shredding the Vista CD and reverting quietly to Good ol’ XP. (Psst…. Microsoft has finally got the hint, to wit, realized that Vista is a fiasco and is quietly providing upgrades to XP.)

Do not rush to upgrade to latest versions of proggies, before they are fully tested and proven to be bug-free. Think, why should you be the fall guy to be straddled with a buggy trashcan!

Now the same message through a video!

Read PCWorld‘s crotchety columnist Steve Bass and his compatriots’ wise words on why they’re loathe to upgrade their favorite apps.

One thought on “Latest is not always the best!

  1. S.K Post author

    Microsoft has boasted about 100 reasons you’ll be Speechless with an overwhelming “Wow” when you soil your hands with Vista!

    But on an objective analysis, it is found that the same 100 reasons either do not exist or they make you simply turn your back to the bloated resource-hogger rich in empty hypes!

    Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDnet dissects the 100’s for you in his article.


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