What to do with old floppies

What to do with old floppies
When you can’t even use them as moppies
Not even as smelly nappies
Or to hold wet foamy soapies
Aha what are we to do, maha paapies!

(Courtesy Hari Krishnan)

2 thoughts on “What to do with old floppies

  1. Narayanan

    Garbage Garbage
    Here i come

    Take me in and
    have some Fun.!

    Umm…floppies..!!! Good old days.!! I bet the same things will happen to todays storage media.!

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Narayanan.

    Yes. Good old days and bad young days!!

    Think of the days when 5-1/4 inch floppies ruled the middle earth, and how we struggled with them!

    The present portable storage devices that connect through USB may soon give way to a biological storage phenomenon – inside a cooky or a banana! 🙂

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