Youtube clones

Youtube has become the generic term for a video sharing website!

But there are several such sites now on the web, and not all of them are clones of Youtube in the real sense of the term, since some of them offer many add-ons and embellishments and even show a much better quality videos than Youtube.

Of late, I find that Youtube is not embed-friendly, to wit, when you click on the “Play” button on any web site with Youtube video, you get a solemn message stating “This video is not available”, but the video is available when you visit the youtube page of the video! Weird, what!

Here is an attempt to put together a comprehensive list of such video sharing websites, where you can upload, share or even edit, enhance and change format. Some sites even allow free downloads of the videos.

I have checked each link individually and have listed only the working sites. And I have handpicked the following few as good and hassle-free sites.

  1. Guba – Very good site, fast loading, better than Youtube
  2. – Variety shows, up and coming
  3. Daily Motion
  4. Google Video
  5. Metacafe — You can monetize your video clippings on the site!
  6. — High quality music videos
  7. Vimeo
  8. Revver
  9. Yahoo Video
  10. Here are the rest of them listed alphabetically:

  11. Blastro
  12. Blennus
  13. BoFunk funny pics and videos
  14. Break Funny stuff
  15. Buzznet
  16. CastPost Good one for adding your media to blogs straightaway
  17. Clipshack
  18. Crackle
  19. Current Highly functional
  20. EyeSpot
  21. Heavy Little smutty!
  22. Imeem
  23. JibJab — Jokes, cartoons, funny stuff galore
  24. JumpCut
  25. Kewego
  26. Live Leak
  27. Lulu
  28. MeadiaMax Online storage and share upto 25 gig!
  29. MSN Video MSN SoapBox
  30. MySpace MyspaceTV
  31. My Video
  32. One World
  33. OurMedia
  34. PhanFare
  35. Peek Video Categorized and lots of media types
  36. PixParty
  37. Perfspot
  38. Put File
  39. Sharkle
  40. Spike
  41. StashSpace — Interesting site
  42. Street Fire Pics, videos…
  43. That Video Site
  44. Twango
  45. Veoh – This has also absorbed the now-defunct Stage6
  46. Video Code Zone
  47. VidiLife (more of “R” rated stuff :))
  48. Vuze
  49. Vsocial A different type of sharing…
  50. You Are
  51. Zippy Videos

As the internet is highly dynamic and the shelf life of websites being equal to that of a banana, the links may become dead as the sites conk off. If you find any change, please voice it on the comments box, so that I can edit the list accordingly.

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8 thoughts on “Youtube clones

  1. S.K

    Thanks, Passing.

    The Wikipedia page is a comprehensive resource.

    I’ll try Imeem. I am really in need of a repository to store my audio files which can be linked to my blog.

    I’ll explore it.



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