Bountiful Beauty!

PurvaI somehow feel the girls of the day in India have grown more beautiful. Don’t laugh! Look around you. If your life had spanned through a few decades you would acquiesce to my statement, at least after a bit of recapitulation. Girls have learnt the art of being graceful, delicate, exquisite and lovely even if not so naturally endowed. It is perhaps attributable to the growing awareness of aesthetics and sensuous portrayal of oneself without losing one’s individuality and values. And the quality being assertive, clear definition of one’s image coupled with college education – all these add to the grace and beauty of the fairer sex of the species!

Another aspect that has helped to add to the pleasing appearance is the keen sense of proportion, symmetry and elegance that has been embraced by the girls as their second nature. The tasteful selection of dresses, appropriate colour-sense, the hairdo, the external add-on’s, facials, avoidance of garish makeup, modest-simple-but-elegant approach to exposition of self – all these make girls comely!

And they are so mindful of looks in all departments – not limited to what the eyes see. They are cleaner, sophisticated, informed, matter-of-fact and mindful of mannerisms and external stimuli like body odour.

The girls want to look better not merely to attract attention but as an expression of their feminine charm as part of an extended self esteem and development of personality and positive image.

They take care even to the way their feet look! They get pedicure done, select appropriate footwear – mostly with a heel strap and two-part covering for the frontal part with special attention to toes. Toes. Yes. They do make certain that the toes look good. Skin colour nail varnish with a little bit of glow make the toes twinkle! Cracks on the heels have become the thing of the past. In fact the heel parts have begun to look polished nowadays.

And the gait carries a self assurance that comes out of a sense of assurance of the future, what with the opportunities thrown open by BPO’s and call centres! If you do not savvy what I am talking about, walk around Isphahani Centre at Chennai in the evenings!

And when they sit, they invariably take the #1 posture – as designated by Leo. F. Buscaglia – crossing the knees. That adds to the elegance in my opinion.

Add to this the ornaments, jewelery and appliques. Girls are so choosy about even an anklet (it is my pronounced opinion that girls must wear ankelts- golden is better – be it saree, salwar or pants). They sport variety of them and they know what really enhances their beauty.

That is ok about urban girlies. What about village belle-fille’s!
They are not far behind!
They too have become conscious of looking gorgeous and charming. Television and movies have brought in an awareness of how you should look!

And let me fall back upon the time-tested cliché – a thing of beauty is joy for ever!

5 thoughts on “Bountiful Beauty!


    i want the friend ship girls.she is a beautiful girl.she is a kind girl.

  2. Donald

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  3. Bangladeshi Pilot

    Yes I totally agree! I was in India in several places these past few years (Delhi, Kerala & Punjab) and the women have grown steadily more beautiful & effeminate – especially in the South! You are totally true about the pretty feet, they polish their toes with lovely light pink colors and take care of themselves from tip-to-toe!

    I am engaged to a woman from Uttarakhand & I am amazed to see how far India is progressing in all aspects! Hopefully the subcontinent can become a golden beacon!!

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