Bachelors beware!

Legal terrorismThe following are the points for consideration by prospective bridegrooms before taking a plunge in a wedlock with a girl, who is likely to cause enormous misery to you, your parents and sisters!

Use your grey matter. Stop to think. don’t rush your “aye”. Marriage is a game more of intelligence than of emotions.

  1. If the girl’s father is hen-pecked (that is, has no say in her family and/ or bears little or no relation with his own parents),

    If you see rule no 1 on your marriage, simply walk out of the mandap. no second thoughts.never marry the girl.

  2. Always have a gap of 5-6 months between the day you meet her first and the day of your engagement. Meet her atleast 10 times before taking a plunge.
  3. The girl’s family values play much more significant role than her education level.
  4. If the girls’ parents insist for an early marriage, rest assured there is some problem.
  5. Never marry in hurry, Just because you have been searching for partner for past 3-4 years should not become a cause for concern. It’s better late than suffer from anti-dowry law (498A).
  6. If during background check, somebody pointed out something negative about the girl, take it seriously. Remember, people normally don’t point out trivial deficiencies.
  7. Dont trust girl’s or your relatives blindly, no matter how close they are. Do your own background check.
  8. She is toxic if she
    • has invited very few relatives on her marriage
    • has excessively enquired about your financial status and spendings
    • gave you an indication that she may not want to live with your parents
    • is excessively attached with her family but do not show an equivalent degree of attachment with your parents
  9. Last and very important, always trust the instinct of your parents. They are seasoned and see much more than you can. Even small details seen by your old parents, which may seem very trivial to you, can be very important.


If rule no 1 is found true, simply walk out of the marriage hall. Don’t tarry! No second thoughts.

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