Don’t buy Nokia 7210 supernova

7210_supernovaNokia 7210 supernova is a rip-off!

Its been 2 months since I bought this “Nokia 7210 Supernova” mobile at Chennai, India. The main attraction was its slim/good looks and light weight plus ample features for a bargain price of Rs. 5500/-.And I now regret the decision.

The downs:

  1. The manual says 2 hours of talktime per battery charge. Phew. In reality it is hardly an hour.
  2. It heats up like an oven if you talk for 15 mins continuously. If you persist beyond that, it will burn your cheeks.
  3. The green bar depicting battery level is rank stupidity. It can only indicate two stages of charge level – full and half. After a few minutes, the mobile just switches itself off. It is so misleading that you find the bar showing full one moment, half the next and dead on the next! It just catches you unawares!
  4. Audio is so so.

So I am straddled with this substandard gadget, having spent money on it. But through sheer egotrip I am boasting to everyone in my circle that this wonderful piece of electronic marvel is God’s choicest boon to mankind, what with its rich features like Bluetooth, expandable memory, 2Mp camera, MMS, polyphonic.. and what not!

My advice is, do a research, read and listen to customer reviews, either by word of mouth or through web sites like MouthShut, TechTree etc., before plunging into a buy decision.


7 thoughts on “Don’t buy Nokia 7210 supernova

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  2. haveen

    I totally disagree with your comments about supernova. i have purchased it 3 months back, i find it wonderful on all fronts and two of my friends also purchased it. even they dont have any problem. unfortunately the piece you are having may be defective and you should go to nokia-care to get it repaired or replaced if not repairable. and on the matter of warming up, i have not seen any phone which doesnt get warm-up if it is continuously in talking mode for about 10 to 15 min.

  3. S.K

    Hi Naveen,

    Thanks for your visit and your observation.

    Could you please throw some light on the “talktime”?

    That is perceived by many of its users as the primary problem. Recently I happened to see a student using the same instrument on a train and he too endorsed the issue with the battery charge-life.

    Anyway I’ll make a visit to the Nokia-care as advised by you.


  4. Benny

    Guys I’m Benny from coimbatore,India. I jus bought a Nokia 7210superova 2 months back. Its working fine. but I need the warranty code to know about its life timer,the usual code *#92702689# isn’t working for me.. Pls help. Mail
    Thanx in advance.

  5. Vishnu

    (I know its more than 1 year after this post, still) HA.. dear.. I maintained it for the last 1 year. Damn i would say “Same Pinch” 😉

    1. just b4 the warranty was gonna expire, it suddenly stopped vibrating (which was useful for me as i do keep that in silent in office)

    2. One day suddenly the phone started switching off and its difficult to get it back online. (i found that its an issue that happens when the mem. card was in.(Nokia care said that the card is fried, but its still workng in my wife’s Samsung Beat M2710 Twist[u should try this phone if u are a music lover- its wonderful with a normal philips bass boosted earphone the sound is not that loud but crystal clear!]

    3. Alarm wasn’t running on all days! and i missed my train a couple or more times

    4. Same with the battery bar as you said.(except that empty sign can hold talk time of about 20 mins – Talk time is more than 3.5 hours when fully charged.[didnt they claimed 4 hours?])

    5. camera quality is no where near the samsung phone that my wife have. and is full of grains.

    6. day by day the model looks more stupid than handy!

    I am not recommending this phone to any one. I think a maxx, Videocon or spice would be a better alternative, which is also packed with features. I would recommend a spice phone!

  6. krrish

    its really a stupid mobile where the nokia care people told that it cant be repaired…………….in such a way the nokia situtation is. and i buye it just 1 year ago and now it is in reapair …..dam dirty nokia experimenting on customers and decreasing their reputation……… self i belongs to very poor family and i buyed it by saving my money for 8 months.right now my situation is this…………..what about like myself people ………for every one year 6000 should spend on mobile …………????????????
    ikindly request nokia manufacturers that not to experiment on customers……..

  7. Tarun Gupta

    Because – in case you loose it or it gets stolen (as it happend to me yesterday) They dont provide any service to track/block it based on IMEI number !! there is no way other then contacting the police (we all know how efficient is our police in India). The services provider says that you have to contact you mobile vendor’s customer service. Nokia customer service gives an AUTOMATED reply saying that contact the Police, we can’t do anything about it.

    My only frustration is – its so easy for them to do it, why can’t they provide this service if I provide proper documentation ?? I can provide a Police FIR also based on that why can’t they provide this service ????

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