Mobile phone hazards

The use of mobile phones have become so ubiquitous that the future humans may be born with a cellphone attached to their person. But the tendency to make it fully mobile by getting glued to that oversized cockroach even while driving on the road, stretches it out of the realms of a communication device and turns it a Terminator. It has a danger of doubling as a remote control agent of Lord Yama – may be a spoofed one at that.

BHEL, an Indian Government undertaking has made a Powerpoint presentation exposing the perils of the use of cellphones while driving. The makers of the presentation want the message to be given wide circulation. Hence I am placing it here for download (a .ppt file of 420kb mass.)

Please spread the word around so that many a precious life is not cellphonically shortened!

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2 thoughts on “Mobile phone hazards

  1. Narayanan

    Thank you Sir. I am very afraid about the radiation from Cellphones, though we see people say it is ok.!

    Wonderful slide show indeed.

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Narayanan.

    Yes. Radiation emiitted by cellphones is a hazard, so are the Radons and other kinds of radiation that we encounter in our day-to-day life which we are oblivious of.

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