The doctrine of negation!

IT in India

It has become a fashion to negate the advantages of technology by taking a nihilistic attitude as part of “negative snobbery”! The main idea is an attempt to stand out in the crowd by crying hoarse on all established effects of emerging technologies.

Latest to join in this chorus is a senior technocrat and an alumnus of IIT, Prof. Kalyana Krishnan who has derided the very IT which has brought him to what he is now, by declaring that IT is not a harbinger of progress in this story.

I feel it is high time such hypocrisy was stopped. These people use the very technology they criticise in the process. The tangible progress made by technology in India can’t be wished away or reversed. It has made the lives of many Indians better. Should we wind back to old stone age?

  • What about computerised train reservation in Indian Railways on such a massive scale?
  • The on-line booking of tickets in buses, trains and airlines?
  • Results of exams on the internet
  • Instant billing in the departmental stores
  • Ubiquitous use of mobile phones in rural areas
  • IP phones in telephone kiosks
  • On line auction and matrimonials
  • Netbanking
  • Online filing of income tax return
  • Completely online stock and mutual fund investment

The list is endless!

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