Flock of freshers!

They never had it so good!
This age of the “freshers” has arrived!!
Earlier a typical Catch22 situation prevailed where you need to have at least 2 years’ experience to get a job; but you need an employment to gather that experience in the first place!

But look at the scenerio that obtains now! IT majors (as well as wannabes) sprint to the Engineering colleges of all hues with a wide fishing net and trawl all would-be grads and MCA’s, put them before the neo-idiot box and start harvesting the greenbacks from the goldmine of BPO!

Some pessimists muse about the inevitable “bubble burst” calling the present boom too good to be true in the long run!

Nevertheless, the oven-fresh techies fully armed with their CV (Powered by Ctrl+C and driven by Ctrl+V) are having a swell time with placement letters showering on them the k’s of their dreams!

Hey, wait a minute. The story doesn’t end with the engineers. The humanities and science grads too have hopped into the call-centre bandwagon and roll in crispy best and some!

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