A bizarre episode has been reported in today’s newspaper about a Dutchman who snuck up on women sunning themselves in Rotterdam’s parks and beaches and began to lick their toes (unsolicited!). But authorities could not prosecute him since there is no law specifically against toe-licking!

It is also reported that the man with a taste for female toes had been indulging himself on this sport for quite some time. But why this unorthodox taste? If you try to Google for it, you’ll land up with hundreds and thousands of web sites on this phenomenon called “Foot Fetish”, an aberration bordering on perversion wherein a dude savours female feet including toes, arch, sole and heels. The images you would see depicting handling, fondling, licking, kicking, trampling and suckling would make them fall into the genre of pornography.

But the fact remains that there are innumerable members of the species who suffer (!) from this mental aberration, if the number of postings in discussion forums, groups and Orkut communities is any indication.

But do they really like to be cured of it?

4 thoughts on “Toe-licking!

  1. S.K Post author

    //your an idiot//

    I second it, footman 😆

    But it is a no-brainer. The whole world knew it already!

    By the way, are you a foot-fetisher?

  2. Mrozhek

    This one should be regulated by law, because it is a kind of sexual activity and the most common fetish. I don’t understand why he is being astound with kind of news, it might be this poor man has never tried to lick pretty female feet. That is really scary. 😥

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