What a cushy life in British jails!

Reuters reports:-

Criminals are enjoying such a life of luxury in British jails that they don’t bother trying to escape, a senior prison union official said on Friday.

Dangerous prisoners enjoy satellite television, free telephone calls and breakfast in bed in the country’s “cushy” jails, Prison Officers’ Association General Secretary Glyn Travis added.

Cheap drugs are readily available, he said, and some prisoners enjoy visits from prostitutes while in other jails inmates had “control” over staff.

Travis said that in some cases, overstretched staff were powerless to impose order because they were frightened of breaching prisoners’ human rights.

In comments published by several newspapers on Friday, Travis gave an example of a breach at Everthorpe Prison in East Yorkshire, where a dealer regularly used a ladder to scale the fence and supply inmates with drugs and mobile phones.

Inmates at an unnamed top security prison recently told Justice Secretary Jack Straw that conditions were like a “holiday camp”, the media reports said.

All such luxuries on the taxpayers’ expense. Pretty good bargain indeed. With such a life in jails, who would want live outside!

But are we really aware of what is happening in various Indian jails, I wonder!

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