What I see around me!

In my diurnal perambulation (meant to say ‘morning walk’ – wanna make it high-sounding!), I see sprouting of some new shops, buildings changing shape and colour, weird signboards and some humble but interesting developments.

Here are some of them that I happen to capture in my mobile phone (the term ‘camera’ is redundant nowadays).

Here is someone who has emphatically stated who his/her Hero is! It is the Dad all right!

Dad is my Hero

And to rub it in, the road is also his!

My Dad

If you make the pavement wider than the road, it is bound to become a very cosy, convenient parking space. And pedestrians are pushed down to scramble on the road with their hearts in their mouths!

Views from K.B.Dasan Road, in front of SIET College, Teynampet, Chennai

Here is how sugarcane is being heaped after peeling of the protective sheath (bark). It is lying on filth near a gutter for long hours before being crushed and the juice served in a plastic cup, to be sipped by stylish folk (most of them car-borne)!

filthy cane juice

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