The Republic of Scams!

Nowadays common folk in India who have absolutely no idea about 2g, 3G or 4G wireless spectrum are nevertheless fully aware of the infamous “2G Spectrum Scam”. Many of them who possess the magical 3R’s can reel out the total assessed value of the scam – a whopping 1.76 Lakh Crores! But if you ask them how many zeros that this figure has, they may not be able to tell you!

Never before in the annals of independent India, has see so many such scams of such mammoth proportions. And we run short of vitals – electricity, roads, efficient public transport and all other kinds of basic infrastructure.

Please view this video on the scale of corruption in India perpetrated mainly by the unscrupulous politicians in cahoots with wily businessmen.

Corruption In India 2010 & Before [Save India From Corruption] V2

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